Time, Quality and Expertise

Progardia are specialists in full-body MRI scanning, MRI scanning, mammography and DEXA scanning for osteoporosis.

Get your state of health clarified with an MRI scan. We cooperate with leading clinics within health examinations and are happy to help you with a comprehensive course.

We take the time to answer your questions and with leading experts and the latest equipment, you get the best advice and quality.

We offer:

Specialists in diagnostic imaging

We have Denmark's newest and most high-tech equipment within MRI scans. We are a leader in full-body scanning and general MRI scans. You can explore our very patient-friendly MR scanner here: examination room in 3D examination room in 3D.

At our clinic in Copenhagen, we perform mammography , where we have a contract with Region Zealand, the Capital Region and insurance companies.

Our staff is highly experienced and will guide you through a course with us - using the best equipment available.

GE Healthcare

At Progardia we offer full-body MRI scan in our patient-friendly 3 tesla MRI scanner.

This means that you get the absolute best possible scanning the market has to offer, performed by the best specialists in Denmark.

We offer the documented best protocol for MRI scanning of the prostate- performed on the latest and most precise equipment. The MRI scan requires a referral from a hospital/physician.

If prostate cancer has been suspected by an elevated PSA blood test or by a prostate examination by your doctor, Progardia offers diagnostic imaging which can be used for a possible targeted tissue sample at an urologists.

At Progardia, we also offer mammography - in our clinic in Copenhagen mammography with the latest and most advanced equipment from GE.

Mammography requires a referral from a hospital/physician.

Other scans and
The extended free choice of hospital

If you have been referred for an MRI scan or DEXA scan and the waiting time is more than 4 weeks, you have the right to have your referral re-visited. Progardia has an agreement with Danish Regions, so if you want to be scanned with us, then we can be of assistance..

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment for a scan, you are welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail to info@progardia.dk, call us at (+45) 70 60 11 60, or use our contact form