Prices, packages and our partners


MRI scans and biopsy
  • Full body kr. 9.850
  • Prostate kr. 7.850
  • Ultrasound guided biopsy of the prostate kr. 8.450

    (by prior MRI scan of the prostate)

  • Body part / organ kr. 2.500
  • Full body and prostate kr. 17.150

    (same day)

DEXA scans
  • Osteoporosis kr. 2.100
  • Full body (fat, muscle and bone mass) kr. 1.500
Specialist consultations
  • Telephone consultation kr. 1.100
  • Ambulant consultation kr. 1.300
  • Ultrasound of prostate kr. 850
  • Ambulant consultation incl. ultrasound of protate kr. 2.150
  • Second opinion kr. 2.750
Please note
  • If there are no symptoms, 25% VAT is added
  • The health insurance "Denmark" provides a subsidy of DKK 2,000 (incl. VAT) for group 2
  • MRI scan of body parts is covered by “The extended free choice of hospital”.
  • A statutory patient insurance of 6% is added to all prices

If you are in doubt

If you are in doubt about which examination is right for you – then contact Progardia by calling us by phone: (+45) 70 60 11 60.


  • Health package 1 kr. 13.700

    The package consists of a health check (1 hour) with a specialist in general medicine, as well as one full body MRI scan.

    The actual scanning takes place at Progardia and the health check can either be performed at Progardia in Middelfart – or with our partner, Thygesen Health in Skodsborg.

  • Ultrasound scan of carotid arteries for calcification and pouching
  • Blood test profile containing; total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglyceride, blood sugar and PSA (prostate marker) for men
  • Significant life parameters such as Body Mass Index (BMI), fat percentage, height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and stethoscopy of heart and lungs are also measured.
  • Health package 2 kr. 18.350

    Here you get a large and in-depth health examination by a specialist in general medicine, as well as a full body MRI scan.

    The actual scan takes place at Progardia and the in-depth health examination can either be performed at Progardia in Middelfart – or with our partner, Thygesen Health in Skodsborg.

    Before the examination, a questionnaire is completed. This data will form the basis of your initial conversation with the doctor.

  • Rest ECG
  • Work ECG (performed by a work test on bike)
  • Clinical medical examination with i.a. examination for lymph nodes, thyroid, neurological study of reflexes and coordination, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) + fat% measurement.
  • The neck, ears and eyes are examined.
  • Full laboratory profile: - liver function - kidney function - metabolism - cholesterol - vitamins - minerals - PSA (prostate marker) for men.
  • Special blood tests in relation to the immune system: - immunoglobulin G - immunoglobulin A - immunoglobulin E - immunoglobulin M - hemoglobin - blood cells - platelets - leukocytes
  • Urine examination and the possibility of being given a faecal test to perform in your own home
  • Ultrasound scan of carotid arteries for calcification and pouching.


Thygesen Health

Jens Thygesen, MSc and specialist in general medicine. He is among Denmark's most experienced doctors in in-depth preventive health examinations.

Thygesen Health has an address in Skodsborg north of
Copenhagen, but also has premises at Progardia in
Middelfart. Therefore, health examinations can take place
both places - depending on your preference.

Private hospital Kollund is one of Denmark's leading private hospitals, offering a wide range of examinations and treatments.

Progardia collaborates with Kollund in diagnostic assessment and will be able to assist with any eventual further treatment. Kollund Privathospital has consultations in Fredericia, Esbjerg, Århus and Kollund.

Private hospital Kollund

The insurance company Health Insurance Instantly is the first in Denmark to launch an international health insurance with local cooperation and knowledge of doctors, clinics and hospitals all over the world.

Progardia cooperates with Health Insurance Instantly to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment - no matter where they want it to take place.