Time, Quality and Expertise
- and the best equipment available

What do we offer?

Progardia Healthcare is for those who have symptoms / disposition for prostate cancer and who want the best documented protocol for prostate cancer investigation.

We also help for him or her who wants to be at the forefront by completing the country's most elaborate full body scan – or who need a scan of a body part/organ.

What we offer:

Short waiting time

At Progardia Healthcare, you can get appointment for an examination a few days after contacting us.

For the purpose of prostate examination, this avoids a longer course with PSA tests, multiple biopsies, increased risk of complications, waiting times and uncertainty.


  • 3 Tesla GE Signa Architect Air Edition
  • AIR Coils for a faster and more comfortable examination.


  • General practitioner
  • Radiographers
  • Review by 2-4 different radiologists (doctors) with their own specialty – e.g. neurology, musculoskeletal, organs, and oncology (cancer)

Contact Progardia for more information via our contact form or by calling us at:

(+45) 70 60 11 60.

MRI scans

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance. MRI uses a very powerful magnetic field and radio waves to see into the body. No X-rays are used and it is therefore safe to be scanned. An MRI scan is very noisy, and you will therefore be offered hearing protection and / or earplugs. It will be possible to listen to music and watch "movies" while being scanned.

An MRI scan takes between 15-45 min.

MRI scan is best for seeing soft tissues, such as the brain and internal organs. MRI is also absolutely great for seeing small structures in joints and the back.

Progardia has a state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MR scanner (60,000 times more powerful than Earth's magnetic field).

We offer MRI examinations of:

  • Prostate
  • Full body with focus area
  • Body parts/organs

Exceptions for MRI scan

Although an MRI scan is harmless, there are a few situations where you cannot be scanned:

If you:

  • Has a pacemaker
  • Has a neurostimulator
  • Has a vascular clip on a vein in the brain that was inserted before the year 2000
  • Is pregnant in the first trimester
  • Unable to lie still during scanning
  • Has severe claustrophobia. In mild claustrophobia, a sedative pill may be offered before the examination.