Full-body MRI

A full-body MRI scan is a comprehensive examination that provides detailed images of the entire body. The aim is to detect diseases and conditions in the body at an early stage. This allows for early treatment and thus better chances of recovery.

At Progardia, we offer full-body MRI scanning in a 3 tesla MR scanner. This means that you get the absolute best scan the market offers - and performed by the best specialists in Denmark.

Full-body MRI scan is a screening which is particularly good at seeing changes in the brain, spinal cord, sinuses, ears, neck, blood vessels, bones, muscles, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, pancreas, bladder and the whole back - from the neck to the tailbone. In women, the uterus, ovaries and vagina are also screened - just as it is also possible to see any leakage of breast implants.

In case of positive findings on the full-body MRI scan, it may in some instances be necessary to supplement with further examinations, such as a prostate scan.

See our FAQ on full-body MRI scanning.

How does a full-body MRI scan take place?

We understand the importance of short wait times once one has decided to be scanned. You can expect that it does not take more than 5 days before you are scanned and then about 1 week until you have a response to the scan.

It works like this:

  • Booking of process with our secretaries
  • Telefonisk samtale med for at sikre den nødvendige, individuelle tilpasning af MR-scanningen.
  • Scanning is conducted and is handled by our experienced radiographers. A whole body scan takes approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Our radiologists go through the approx. 4,000 images. At Progardia, the images are reviewed by at least 2 different radiologists, each with their own area of expertise. Hereby we ensure the best possible interpretation of the images.
  • After the scan, you will receive an answer by telephone from our specialist.

Full-body MRI scan at Progardia:

Our patient-friendly 3 tesla MRI scanner and ultrasonic systems represent the latest and most accurate equipment.

It is operated and described by the most experienced radiographers, urologists and radiologists in the field.

This means that you get the absolute most thorough scan - performed by the best specialists in Denmark.


  • 3 tesla GE Signa Architect Air Edition
  • AIR Coils for a faster and more comfortable examination.


  • General practitioner
  • Radiographers
  • Review by at least 2 different radiologists (doctors) with their own specialty – e.g. neurology, musculoskeletal, organs, and oncology (cancer)

Full-body MRI scan at Progardia:

FAQ: Full-body MRI scan

Progardia can offer an appointment for an MRI scan within a week.

Progardia can provide you with a result of the MRI-scan within a week. You will be contacted on the phone by our specialist in general medicine.

Progardia has affiliated specialists in radiology, neurology, neurosurgery and general medicine. Radiographers and medical secretaries are also affiliated.

Progardia uses a 3T MRI-system that is the most optimal technical solution available.

The equipment is used by our specially trained radiographers and radiologists.