DEXA scans

DEXA scanning is a very simple and fast examination, which gives an accurate picture of how the body is composed. It provides e.g. opportunity to reveal whether one is developing osteoporosis or for accurate measurements of fat, muscle and bone percentage, which may be relevant in relation to a weight loss course or in connection with a health examination.

With our DEXA scanner we offer:

  • Scanning for osteoporosis
  • Full-body scan
  • DEXA scan without waiting time

15-20 minutes per scan 

Requirement Referral for the examination   

Scanning for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones, which initially has no visible external signs and is not associated with pain / discomfort. However, it weakens the bones from the inside due to decalcification, which causes porous and weak bones that can result in femoral fractures and collapse of the vertebrae of the back.

The reduction of the calcium content in the bones is a long-term process, which is why it makes very good sense to get a status already at the age of 45-55, as the treatment options are good if it is detected in time.

If osteoporosis is detected during the examination, the further process with the referring physician.

Full-body scan

A DEXA scan of the whole body contributes with an accurate measurement of the content of fat, muscle and bone mass.

Many gyms have weights that can do the same thing, but they are far from accurate. A full body DEXA scan is particularly relevant if a health examination has shown that you need to go through a lifestyle change or a training course to lose weight.

A DEXA scan can help motivate and maintain you in your lifestyle change, as the scan can accurately visualize the development in the body in relation to fat and muscle mass.

We recommend that in a process with a lifestyle change or training course, a DEXA scan is performed approx. every 3 months to follow developments relatively closely. This is agreed in consultation with our specialist.