Progardia is the first in Denmark to treat patients with focused ultrasound

Progardia is the first private hospital in Denmark to offer treatment for the disease essential tremor. The private hospital Progardia can receive the first patients already this year.


Essential tremor

At Progardia, we can from this year treat patients suffering from essential tremor. The hospital will thus be the first place in Denmark that can provide the treatment. This is a result of Progardia purchasing the required equipment to treat the disease with the recognized form of treatment focused ultrasound.

According to the National Board of Health, around 2,100 Danes are affected by essential tremor every year. Of these, only a few are treated and this is done abroad – either at the governments or their own expense. "It is a slow and hard process to wait to be examined and possibly be able to receive treatment," says chief physician at Progardia, Niels Sunde.

“The disease is perceived by many as violently stigmatizing, it reduces one's joy of life and severely impedes one's everyday life. Daily chores, such as drinking a glass of water or typing on a computer, can be tremendously challenging. Some patients shake only their hands, others also shake their head. Both make the disease very visible. ”

Focused ultrasound

Since opening in February 2021, Progardia has received several inquiries as to whether they could treat essential tremor with focused ultrasound treatments. This is the demand that Progardia's management has now chosen to respond to.

“We decided that we would meet the demand for treatment in the area, and we see an opportunity to be able to help a lot of people. We already have the expertise to be able to complete the treatment in house by virtue of the many specialists we have attached. We are therefore launching preliminary studies of patients already in November and will start the treatments in December this year”, says CEO of Progardia, Niels Thagaard.

The hope is that the private hospital can treat both private and patients from the public waiting lists.

Focused ultrasound is an MRI-guided treatment in which the area of the brain that causes essential tremor is heated using ultrasound. The heat destroys the heated tissue, eliminating the tremors and heals the patient. The treatment lasts only a few hours and lasts long or even a lifetime.

Facts about essential tremor:

  • Essential tremor is a rhythmic, mechanically oscillating movement
  • About 10 % of all Danes over the age of 60 suffer from essential tremor
  • Men and women are affected by the disease just as often
  • The National Board of Health has calculated that approximately 2,100 Danes are affected by essential tremor each year

Read more about essential tremor.

It is the Danish company Vingmed A/S, which supplies the advanced ultrasonic equipment from the manufacturer INSIGHTEC. The equipment works in conjunction with a high quality MRI scanner from GE Healthcare.


Morten Blaabjerg

Specialist in neurology, professor

Frantz Rom Poulsen

Specialist in neurosurgery, professor

Christian Bonde

Specialist in neurosurgery

Matthias Bode

Specialist in neurology

Niels Sunde

Specialist in neurosurgery

Willy Altinok Krone

Specialist in radiology

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