MRI scans

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI uses a very powerful magnetic field and radio waves to see into the body. No X-rays are used and it is therefore safe to be scanned. An MRI scan is very noisy, and you will therefore be offered hearing protection and / or earplugs. It will be possible to listen to music and watch "movies" while being scanned.

An MRI scan takes between 15-45 min.

MRI scan is best for seeing soft tissues, such as the brain and internal organs. MRI is also absolutely great for seeing small structures in joints and the back.

Progardia has a state-of-the-art 3 tesla MR scanner (60,000 times more powerful than Earth's magnetic field).

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Our patient-friendly 3 tesla MRI scanner and ultrasonic systems represent the latest and most accurate equipment.

It is operated and described by the most experienced radiographers, urologists and radiologists in the field.

This means that you get the absolute most thorough scan - performed by the best specialists in Denmark.

MRI of the prostate

At Progardia, we can offer an MRI scan of the prostate in a 3 tesla MRI scanner as required by Danish Regions. This scanner is especially suitable for e.g. investigation of prostate cancer. 

With the latest equipment, we can create high-resolution images for the purpose of excluding / identifying prostate cancer. There must be a referral prior to the MRI scan.

All prostate MRI scans are performed with contrast, which is injected into a blood vessel. Contrast is used to be able to disprove / confirm a cancer suspicion of small tissue changes on the MRI images.

After the MRI-scan the images are evaluated by leading radiologists within prostate diagnostics.

The result from the MRI-scan will be given by your referring physician who - together with you - will decide on potential next steps.

If you are in doubt

If you are in doubt about whether exactly your implant can be scanned,
you can contact Progardia by calling us by phone (+45) 70 60 11 60.


  • 3 tesla GE Signa Architect Air Edition
  • AIR Coils for a faster and more comfortable examination.


  • General practitioner
  • Radiographers
  • Review by 2-4 different radiologists (doctors) with their own specialty – e.g. neurology, musculoskeletal, organs, and oncology (cancer)